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Hidden Valley Wood

Organic Cape Lilac 50

Lid Supports

Organic Cape Lilac Essential Oils Box-

The Cape Lilac wood is absolutely stunning with every board being similar, yet unique, with contrasting grain patterns which wrap around the box.  Protect your essential oils in style

*Holds 50 x 15ml bottles or rollers (divider opening size 30mmx30mm )

*Approximate dimensions - L 35cm x W 19cm x H 11cm

*Vintage style hinges and latch

*Flip top lid

*Optional extra - add lid supports to your box 

Please note- each box is individually made to order and the appearance will differ slightly from the example picture due to variances in timber grains and features. As we attempt to get your order made and posted ASAP, time frame will depend on our current work load.  If you would like a time estimate either before or after purchase, please get in contact via our contact page.