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doTERRA Australia

What You Need To Know About doTERRA Australia

doTERRA essential oils are the purest oils found on the planet.  Every bottle of essential oil produced by doTERRA is sent off to a third party to ensure the quality and purity of the oil is of the highest standard.  Often essential oils which fail this purity test are sold off to other essential oil companies.  When you buy doTERRA, you know that you are buying the best.  If you have a doTERRA bottle handy, head over to, and input the quality ID found on the bottom of your bottle of doTERRA oil. (for single oils only)


doTERRA Australia Price List

Does doTERRA have a price list?  It's what we hear a lot at Hidden Valley.  Luckily, we've got your back!  Feel free to peruse our huge catalog of doTERRA products available for purchase online with super fast shipping - 

You can also download the complete doTERRA price list here.  This price list is great for a quick reference guide and also includes details such as-

  • retail price
  • wholesale price
  • PV (product value)

doterra ylang ylangdoterra vetiver

doTERRA Australia Product Guide

The doTERRA product guide is an excellent visual resource to be able to see all the products available as well as a short description of each.  It also includes information such as retail price, wholesale price, and PV (product value)

Download the doTERRA product guide here.

How To Use Your doTERRA Australia Login

With your membership you have access to your own virtual office which you can access by going to  and entering your Member ID and password.

mydoterra login australia

Here is where you are able to place and track orders.

Ordering through your office is easy. Under the ‘shop’ tab you can manage your Loyalty Rewards Order or you can place a standard order.  By ordering through your office you are ensuring that you will always receive your 25% wholesale price.

If you need help with ordering don’t hesitate to give your enroller or team leader a call.  If you decide to share the oils, your office is also where you will be managing your doTERRA business.

A Few Terms That You Might See While You Are Familiarizing Yourself With Your Virtual Office Are

  • PV - Every product in the dōTERRA range has a retail value, a wholesale value and a PV (personal volume or point value). The PV (which is roughly in line with the dollar value of the product) is how dōTERRA measures what you are buying. Promotions and competitions are mostly always based on the level of PV that you spend, so check for promotions regularly to ensure that you don’t miss out on something that is being offered.
  • Local (previously known as OTG - On the ground); These are the products available to Australian customers and ship from within Australia. Much of the dōTERRA range is still awaiting TGA (therapeutic goods association) approval and so what we have available to us here is limited.
  • International (previously known as NFR - not for resale); We have access to the full dōTERRA range if we purchase from America so International orders are completed through the US and shipped from there. Note: these items are not to be sold on, they are for personal use only. 


We hope this helps with your doTERRA knowledge and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.


Jen & Dean