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doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy Kit + Membership


In order for us to set up your doTERRA membership, we require your date of birth which is used as the security on your doTERRA wholesale account

Only available to purchase if you currently do not have a doTERRA membership

*enrollment kit - 148.5 PV

An excellent starter kit to support the emotions


  • doTERRA 12 month membership for wholesale access
  • Hidden Valley Quick Start Guide 
  • Petal Diffuser
  • 5ml Motivate - Encouraging Blend (85 drops)
  • 5ml Cheer - Uplifting Blend (85 drops)
  • 5ml Passion - Inspiring Blend (85 drops)
  • 5ml Forgive - Renewing Blend (85 drops)
  • 5ml Console - Comforting Blend (85 drops)
  • 5ml Peace - Reassuring Blend (85 drops)


By purchasing this doTERRA membership kit, you agree to to doTERRA's terms and conditions