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Why Quality Matters

Why Quality Matters - Hidden Valley Co

This weekend I put on a NEW pair of black cotton leggings only to find there is a big hole in a highly undesirable area. Seriously?

I’m not joking I’ve worn them about twice this winter and it took me several years to take the plunge and buy a new pair. Why is it SO hard to find good quality products these days? I didn’t realize I was even BUYING a poor quality product otherwise I would have looked elsewhere!

When I was young and growing up in a single mum family, I used to have to be very budget minded. I knew how to find things for the cheapest prices, make a dollar stretch, and find all the free food, products and parking on offer. Yup, I know how to live frugle! I think it’s a great skill to learn. I was so shocked when I met my husband (back then we were out on a date) and he thought nothing of dropping down $20 on a parking ticket. Why wasn’t he driving around for ages looking for free parking? We must be from very different backgrounds! Being a tradie at the time and single, he wasn’t exactly short of money but his upbringing was quite different too.

In time we took the best of each other when it comes to budgeting and money. I’ve taught Dean a thing or two about saving a dollar and being mindful of spending, and Dean has taught me a few things about quality. These days my passion for the environment and the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle is also a huge contributing factor in my quest for quality. I want to buy products that are going to last and I don’t mind paying more for them AT ALL, the problem is, they are so damn hard to find! I recently paid $200 for a jumper from an upmarket boutique, only to find it looks old and worn within a few weeks, was it really worth it?

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When it comes to essential oils, not only does quality matter BUT there is a fantastic option right here in front of you with doTERRA essential oils,  HOORAY finally a good quality product with all the evidence behind it that wont leave you disappointed like me with my holey black leggings. If you’d like to learn more about why doTERRA essential oils are so amazing, just check out our Source to you website. You can in fact input your batch number and see the testing that was done on the oil in your bottle to make sure they are pure and unadultered.

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On that note – here’s a little tip, be careful if you think your essential oils which are listed as 100% pure are in fact 100% pure unadultered essential oil. In majority of situations in my experience this is absolutely not the case, can you see the ingredients anywhere? If not this is a big red flag for me that what you have in your hands is not what it says it is.