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Where is Doterra Vanilla?

Doterra Vanilla - Hidden Valley Co

Have you ever smelt a vanilla essential oil?

Have you ever wondered why doTERRA don't offer an actual vanilla essential oil?

Well, the truth of the matter is there is no such thing as vanilla 'essential oil'.  So if you think that one you've got in your cupboard is an essential oil - guess again! Yup, that's right, probably a fragrance or synthetic. Which is fine, but of course we know how amazing the real deal is when you're used to quality such as doTERRA's!

The GOOD NEWS however is that doTERRA do in fact use vanilla absolute in a number of their products and blends - so you can still enjoy that vanilla amazingness!

Keen to know which ones? Skip to the bottom! Science geeks wanting more info? Keep reading here - 

In order to create vanilla absolute, the vanilla is extracted with an alcohol solvent. Some (not doTERRA) are extracted with toxic chemicals so you need to be careful where you buy it from if you're using other brands. I always like to check my labels and if there's nothing to hide you'll have a well referenced label. No ingredients on the label? That sends off warning bells for me. 

An Absolute is not the same as an essential oil. The reason being, Absolutes are extracted with a solvent such as alcohol. And so, vanilla doesn't have an essential oil because the compounds cannot be extracted without a solvent. 


So, I'm sure you're all ready to know what doTERRA products have vanilla absolute in them! See the range of doTERRA Vanilla Blends 


Jen xx