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Wellness Advocate Or Wholesale Customer - Which One Is Right For You?

Wellness Advocate Or Wholesale Customer - Which One Is Right For You? - Hidden Valley Co

Have you recently gotten started with some doTERRA oils or made a purchase via our shop?



If you have purchased single oils or products you have been purchasing at the retail price.  With doTERRA you have the option to access wholesale prices!   

Whether you've already gotten started with wholesale prices or are thinking about getting started, when people make their first doTERRA purchase accessing wholesale prices I often get asked the question - Should I select 'Wholesale Customer' or Wellness Advocate. 

wellness advocate wholesale customer doterra

When you purchase a kit with us via our shop we will always set you up as a Wholesale Customer unless you advise us otherwise.  It is quick, simple and free to upgrade if you wish to become a Wellness Advocate. However, in our experience the majority of people simply want to shop at wholesale prices so Wholesale Customer is the best option for these people.  



So, what exactly is the difference?


Wholesale Customer - This is an excellent option for someone who simply wants to be able to shop doTERRA Essential oils and products at wholesale prices - 25% off.  You can enjoy the benefits of your own exclusive members only account, and purchase via your member account anytime you wish.  As well as getting 25% off RRP of everything you also are able to activate and participate in our members only loyalty reward program whereby you can earn points on purchases as well as receiving the full amount of your shipping back as points.  It really is the smartest way to shop!

Wellness Advocate - If you are thinking that you might have some friends and family who will be interested in the oils, or if you'd like to perhaps consider sharing the oils to cover the cost of your oils, earn some part-time, residual or even full time income, then Wellness Advocate is a great option for you.  Remember you can upgrade to this at anytime from Wholesale Customer.  

As a Wellness Advocate you get all the benefits of Wholesale Customer.  However, you are also able to help your friends, family or clients purchase doTERRA at either retail or wholesale prices with a membership just like you. We like to say there are a few different pathways for this. You might simply share casually as you know your friends and family will be interested, or you may find you're interested to earn a part-time or residual income, or even a full time income.  Whatever the case, as a Wellness Advocate you have the option to earn commissions and create a doTERRA business - however that looks for you and fits into your life. You are able to do this as slow or as fast as you like too and your 'enroller' the person who organizes your first order is the person who will be helping, supporting and guiding you to do this - another reason why it's a very improtant decision who/where and how you place your first doTERRA order if getting a membership and wholesale access. 


Some of the reasons people choose to become a Wellness Advocate and share doTERRA include;

  • To help subsidize their oily obsession
  • To pay for those extras like dance classes
  • To pay for sport/uniforms etc for kids
  • Extra money for birthday parties, presents, holidays etc
  • For a sense of community and connectedness
  • For a hobby /to keep their minds active and give their lives a sense of purpose
  • Residual income
  • Personal development
  • Just because they love the oils so much they can't help but share and help people

Some people like us even decide to create a full time business. Doterra as a business offers a top of the range product line built on the foundations of integrity, kindness and generosity. 

If you're not currently working with someone and would like to learn more either about shopping at Wholesale prices or becoming a Wellness Advocate, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via our Contact page. We pride ourselves on taking special care of all our clients and team members.