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Valentine's Day with doTERRA

Valentine's Day with doTERRA - Hidden Valley Co

Valentine's Day and doTERRA are a match made in heaven! 


When we think of love or someone special, aroma isn't too far behind. 


Doterra can be the perfect addition to your Valentine's Day whether it's to add some magic to your day or as a gift. In this blog I'll share my favourite gift ideas for him and her as well as some ways you can use essential oils to spice up your love life.


Aroma to get you 'in the mood'

Whether you're having a night in or heading out, aromas and doTERRA essential oils can be part of your Valentine's Day or night. Use essential oils in diffusers in the home, in DIY massage oils, or anoint your body before you head out either with a body spray, pure fume or from the bottle as directed. Check out these great tried and tested recipes we love.


Diffuser blends

For a large diffuser we use 6-10 drops, for smaller diffusers we use 4-6 drops in total. Use your intuition and do what feels right for you.

Libido lift


Self love 


Night goddess


Sexy time


Massage Blends

Keep this simple. Be mindful of any invigorating or hot oils and use either diluted, patch test first or stick to non-invigorating oils - it's up to you. Whatever oils you use you can dilute either using a carrier oil of choice - we love to use doTERRA's fractionated coconut oil, or a hand and body lotio, again we love the doTERRA unscented hand and body lotion. 

Add your oils to your base carrier and then away you go - rub a dub dub, show yourself or your partner some love with massage and doTERRA oils this Valentine's Day! 


For him

Muscle relief


The King






For her

In love 









We think any of the oils featured would of course make great gifts for him or for her so take a look back through our blog and click on some of the product links to learn more and add to cart. In addition we have a few more suggestions we think you might like! If you have any questions about how to use doTERRA oils for Valentine's Day or what products to choose, please contact us via our contact form or email. 


For Her

  • Rose Touch - As the queen of oils every woman would be happy to receive this for Valentine's Day. 
  • Jasmine touch - Princess of oils jasmine is an aroma sure to impress. Gift this to your princess this Valentine's Day and she'll surely be yours!
  • Grapefruit exfoliating scrub - One of the items in our spa range (we recommend you check out the rest too) this will leave her skin sexy and silky smooth, she will certainly be impressed. 
  • Whisper - We can't do a 'for her' without saying YOU MUST GET THIS for the special lady in your life. We repeat - BUY THIS OIL BLEND. Including prized essential oils rose and jasmine, this proprietary blend will leave your lady feeling loved, sexy and appreciated. 


For Him 

  • Frankincense touch - Every man needs frankincense in his life. Australian actor Hugh Jackman also raves about doTERRA's frankincense. Great for skin, brain and cellular health - spoil your man with frankie today! Ready to roll as it's diluted in fractionated coconut oil this is 'man' proof!
  • Sandalwood (Indian) - Help him feel grounded and sexy at the same time. Sandalwood will be a gift for both him and her in the bedroom. He can anoint himself with a drop on his neck and pulse points and when you go in for kisses he will smell great! A win win all round.  


We hope you've enjoyed all our ideas for Valentine's Day with doTERRA. 

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