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The Cheapest Way to Buy doTERRA

The Cheapest Way to Buy doTERRA - Hidden Valley Co

Have you been buying oils at a pharmacy or retail outlet? 

You are paying too much!  Did you know that by becoming a doterra wholesale customer or wellness advocate you save 25% off the RRP of any doterra product for a year! Get your wholesale account for as little as $35AUD, or get it free when you purchase an enrollment kit!

Here are some of the benefits of a wholesale account;

  1. Wholesale prices - Purchase doterra products at 25% less than retail, anytime you want, no monthly requirements, no catches
  2. Member rewards - Receive free products and credits with your orders, access to the 'oil of the month' and promo's
  3. Education - Learn how to use your oils safely, powerfully, and effectively from an experienced leader.  Join our facebook group The Essential Oil Hub for free essential oil classes, or if you need help on how to get started with doterra join Oils with Jen VIP Club
  4. Community - Connect with like minded people who will support the changes you make in your life.
  5. Opportunity - Learn how to make an impact on your world and the world around you through holistic health.


What about freebies?

Each month we have freebies on our doterra enrollment kits-  to check out what they are, just add the kit to our cart and our special offer will pop up! Check out our kits here!



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