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Spoil Those Teachers!

Spoil Those Teachers! - Hidden Valley Co

Do you FREAK right out at birthdays, Christmas and other events when gift giving is on the cards but you've got NO time to organize anything? Teacher gifts, what to get those AMAZING people who nurture our children's minds???

Do you STRESS over finding the perfect gift for everyone?

I know that feeling, this was me a few years ago!!! BUT now with my essential oils and essential oil community I am so incredibly empowered, I've always got a special something up my sleeve AND better yet everything is now already in my home, cupboards and pantry!

So, I'm a planner and I like to be super organized so I'm going to share something with you to help you get organized too!

For several years now I've given the Happy and Calm Teacher rollerballs as a duo to teachers and let me tell you, they go down a treat! This isn't just a gift you've grabbed from Target or Kmart (now don't get me wrong, I do love those shops....) it is a gift you have thought about and created, from your heart with love for them. Heart melting right?! You'll be right up there as teacher's pet for sure!

So, how do you get organized?

Step 1 - Ensure you have access to the best essential oils out there (doTERRA) at wholesale prices - Add a wholesale kit with free enrollment.  

Step 2 - Check out the recipes (listed below) and write your wish list - don't worry, you'll be using them in many more ways than just these gifts, the value will stack up in no time!

Step 3 - Slowly build up a collection of oils between now and Christmas using the loyalty rewards program (the smartest way to shop)

Step 4 - Pre purchase some labels and rollerballs from an online supplier such as my gorgeous friend Elicia over Mysentials she gives such great service! Get your special rollerball Teachers labels here

Step 5 - Follow your favourite oily pages, like me for DIY ideas, recipes and inspiration! DIY is totally my thing, I absolutely LOVE it! So, if you're into DIY - you've come to the right place! Welcome home!!

Step 5 - Reach out to your oily mentor or support person for help to make up the recipes if needed. It is so important you choose the right mentor, this will be your oily support person every step of the way! You'll want to choose someone you trust is going to be there for you throughout this journey.

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