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Side Hustle : doTERRA - Hidden Valley Co

Hey there Barefoot Investor fans, I'm looking at you!


I see you with your Barefoot investor book, your ING bank cards, your different bank accounts all set up and out on your date night. BUT are you missing something? Side hustle! Yup, what are you gonna do?

When I read the Barefoot Investor book in January 2018 - I was excited. It gave me a plan and a structure to follow, and follow it we did. My husband Dean and I had great success using the systems Scott lays out in the book. One of the reasons I feel we have been so successful is that we already had our side hustle in place. Enter our online business selling doTERRA essential oils and wellness products.


Five reasons why doTERRA is the perfect choice for your side hustle

  1. You can do it anywhere, anytime - Once you get to know and use the products, it's simple to use them and tell people about them. Got sun burnt? Use your DIY after sun spray,with Lavender, Frankincense and Peppermint, share a photo online or tell friends, help them get some oils!
  2. Ongoing Residual Income -  Over 65% of clients with doTERRA re-order, and if they share the oils with others our stats go up to over 90% making this a fantastic business for a side hustle. Once you get people started with some of our products we have an outstanding loyalty rewards program which offers excellent value. A great incentive for repeat orders.

  3. Personal Development - Not only will you be earning a side income, but you'll also be developing new skills. Skills in communication, IT, social media, mentoring and more. You will be growing your skill set as well as your mind set and make new friends for life in the process. 

  4. No holding of stock - With doTERRA you do not need to purchase and hold stock at all. As a Wellness Advocate you will receive a FREE website with your doTERRA membership, and you can send people to your website to order - it's so simple! Alternatively if you love face to face contact you can take orders from people and manually process them - it's totally up to you. Got a retail shop? We can help here as well. Purchase oils on your member account and setll at RRP to make the Retail Sales Profit Margin. This is usually 25%.

  5. Be rewarded for your time, effort and energy - no glass ceiling - With doTERRA it's totally up to you what you will earn. You can do this casually, part-time or full time and your income will adjust accordingly. You can go on holidays and share organically, or take some time off. We also have many people who travel around Australia and the world and run their businesses on the road - again the choice is up to you.

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As Diamond Leaders with doTERRA my husband and I earn anywhere between $10 000 - $15 000 per month with our doTERRA business. With this income from our side hustle we are able to pay for things such as:
  • Extra mortgage payments
  • Travel
  • Awesome birthday parties for our kids
  • Sport expenses for our kids
  • Home Improvements
  • Donate to charities
  • Spoil our family and friends with gifts to show them how much we love them