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Perth doTERRA Consultant

Perth doTERRA Consultant - Hidden Valley Co

Attention Perth!

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Are you interested in a consult to learn how doTERRA oils can fit into your life? 

Getting back to basics and reducing the toxins in your home using essential oils is my jam!

If you're interested to learn how to incorporate doTERRA essential oils into your home or start a rockin' essential oil business, and would like to catch up in person, via phone or zoom webinar for an obligation free chat about how we can detox your home, I'd love to hear from you!

Please comment below or send us an email and we can schedule a time to chat.



Here are some of the ways we currently use doTERRA essential oils in our home to reduce the toxins we are exposed to and live a healthy, happy life. 

  1. Aromatically - By using essential oils in ultrasonic diffusers you can clean and purify the air as well as kill bugs and germs. On an emotional level they can support your moods and emotions, citrus oils are uplifting and mint and herb oils are known to be good for focus, concentration and memory. 
  2. We use doTERRA essential oils for DIY cleaning in our home. I make multipurpose, glass, pantry, bug, fridge cleaning sprays and more! They are simple, cheap and effective and using mainly essential oils and water, there are no nasty toxins going on your body or in your skin and around your home.
  3. First aid for the whole family - Whether it's a bite, a scrape or a touch of the sun, our essential oils collection is our first point of call. With natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties essential oils are a fantastic option to support your body in times of need.


So this is just a small snapshot, if you'd like to learn more please don't hesitate to get in touch. These consults are FREE for anyone in my team or not currently a doTERRA member with someone else. 


 Jen xx