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Is doTERRA On Guard Out Of Stock In Australia?

Is doTERRA On Guard Out Of Stock In Australia? - Hidden Valley Co


Buying Limits for doTERRA OnGuard


With the global pandemic of coronavirus, panic buying of toilet paper and essentials such as flour, rice, and medicine has been rife throughout our communities.  Anxious people have been stockpiling supplies like an episode of 'American Preppers'.  doTERRA has not been immune to this 'stocking up.' One of their most popular essential oils, as well as their On Guard hand wash and sanitiser mist also flew off the shelves at lightning speed.

In light of this unprecedented demand for On Guard oil, doTERRA have implemented a number of purchase limits for oils and products to help ensure future demand.  We anticipate other products that support certain areas of wellness to follow suit over the coming months.  Currently the only way to get your hands on a bottle of this liquid gold is to join as a doTERRA member with a kit.  Check out our doTERRA enrolment kits

Moving forward with these buying restrictions, to give you the best chance of accessing  your supply of On Guard products, we highly suggest purchasing through your doTERRA member account and setting up an LRP (loyalty rewards program) order.  An LRP order is simply a monthly order which ships automatically on your chosen date (you can also cancel anytime).


Benefits of a doTERRA Membership and LRP


  • doTERRA membership is free with a kit
  • Purchase products through your doTERRA online account at 25% off RRP
  • Option to set up an LRP to ensure your supply of oils
  • LRP orders also earn you reward points back on your purchases - up to 30% back
  • LRP is a great way to build your collection slowly with free oils.


doTERRA Australia have informed us that they will be giving preference to members first by fulfilling their LRP orders, and keeping membership kits stocked.  So if you're waiting till OnGuard becomes available again on our shop, I wouldn't hold your breathe.

If you need a hand setting up an LRP order or would like to discuss anything further, feel free to get in touch.


Stay healthy 

Jen & Dean