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How To Reuse Empty Essential Oil Bottles

How To Reuse Empty Essential Oil Bottles - Hidden Valley Co

Are you an oily addict? Got a ton of empty bottles around the place?

Never fear, I've got a list of ways you can reuse and recycle those bottles! Read on to find out more.

  1. Craft 
    If you search 'empty essential oil' bottles on pinterest, you'll come up with a whole heap of ideas for using the bottles for craft. You can make little ghost bottles for Halloween, a wreath for Christmas, or mini vases for plants and flowers, so many possibilities. 

  2. Oils at arms reach - I like to have a full collection of oils in my oil box, but I use the oils throughout my home! When I'm in the laundry doing cleaning or washing I don't like having to go back to my bedroom to get my box. So, I have a range of my favourites topped up and at arms reach. In my laundry I have Lemongrass, Purify, OnGuard, Lavender, Lemon and Lavender Peace. 
  3. Share with friends - No doubt you've been raving about your oils with your friends. Why not pop a few drops in your empty bottles and give them some to try? Be sure to let them know to come back to you if they want to buy some, just reach out to your friendly oily support person (the person you ordered from/got you started) and they will be able to lend a hand to ensure your friend is connected to.
  4. Markets - If you're sharing the oils or doing this as a business, then it can be very handy to have spare bottles to give to retail outlets to have on display or for when you do markets and stalls so your full bottles aren't on display all the time. Then if you wanted to give out any samples you could add in a couple of drops for people to try.
  5. Travel - When I travel I don't want to be taking full bottles of oils with me. Even if I'm careful there is still the chance they could break, get confiscated, lost or forgotten so I like to decant my oils into smaller bottles and use those wherever possible, empty bottles come in super handy for this. 

So, this is my top five ideas, how about you? Do you have something to add? A different way you recycle and upcycle your empty bottles? Please comment below and let us know, we'd love to hear your thoughts!


Jen xx