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Exciting New Enrollment Kits!

Posted on May 24 2018

new doterra kits

Are you a home chef looking to start your doTERRA journey off with some amazing flavour enhancing oils? Or maybe you're looking to improve your health and well being?  Or you might be a sports person wanting to get the best products for muscle recovery and performance... We have designed a collection of custom kits at Hidden Valley Wood.  By purchasing these items as an enrollment kit, there is a massive saving of 25% off the RRP!  Not to mention the ongoing product support from the superstar Jen Donovan.  What's not to love?

Drum roll please.. Introducing the

Health and Wellness Kit 

health and wellness kitdoTERRA's LLV daily supplements are packed full of essential nutrients, metabolism benefits, and super powerful antioxidants to help promote energy, health, and lifelong vitality.  Combine this pack with the powerful effects of copaiba and you're on a winning combination.  In my personal experience copaiba has been extremely beneficial for improving my back pain and daily anxiety, it's effects on the body are similar to that of CBD hemp oil.  We choose to take these products daily and the improvement to our wellbeing has been extraordinary.


Cooking Kit

doterra cooking kitWhether you're a budding chef or a home cook extraordinaire, you will 100% benefit from having these oils on hand!  Even Adriano Zumbo - one of Australia’s most celebrated patissiers used beautiful geranium essential oil in his creation on MasterChef Australia.  With this selection of oils you would be ready to enhance roast dinners, italian pastas, delicate panna cotta, flavour your drinking water! There are nearly endless uses for thses oils!  doTERRA oils are one of the only essential oil that is 100% pure and safe for ingestion as stated on the label. 


Diffusing Enrollment Kit

doterra diffuser kitDo you want your home to smell amazing? Of course you do! This enrollment kit has been carefully considered to include oils for sleep (Lavender Peace), immunity support (On Guard), freshness (Lemon), and energy (Wild Orange).  The diffuser included in the kit it the ever popular and reliable Petal Diffuser.  This is an amazing performing diffuser for a medium to small space, perfect for a bedroom, bathroom, or laundry.  It gives a substantial puff of mist for its size, and is super quiet for when you're trying to sleep.  Finally this kit comes with a beautiful and crafted sheoak slice to display your oils.  You'll love the rustic raw nature of our sheoak tray.

Sports Performance Kit

doterra sport performance kitOur sports performance kit would be highly beneficial to the everyday gym goer, weekend sports person, or professional athlete.  With peppermint to help open the airways and respiratory system, and the recovery essentials such as frankincense, Ice Blue, and Ice Blue Rub,  you'll be ready to perform at your peak.  The Ice Blue products have a warming and cooling effect, very similar to deep heat or tiger balm - definitely beneficial to tired and sore muscles after a workout.


If you have any questions or would like to design your own enrollment kit and save 25% on the retail price, please get in touch with us here.


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