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doTERRA Essential Oils and Food

Essential Oils and Food - Hidden Valley Co

Essential oils and food, are you surprised?

I was too! Flash back to 2014 I was looking for a peppermint essential oil I could use in my bliss balls, because after all, that's what my recipe stated and so that's what I wanted! I went on quite the journey looking for a food grade peppermint essential oil to use. I couldn't find one anywhere! People were telling me that the oil they normally stock should be okay, but when I asked if it listed this on the label they really didn't seem to have a clue! Upon investigating the labels on oils they did have in health food stores (again - no peppermint in stock), the labels were a bit concerning to say the least!  No cautions, no directions and definitely no ingredients listing! This didn't cut it for me, I like to know what's in the products I'm using, especially if I plan to ingest them! 

Fast forward a few months and dōTERRA just kept popping up for me! Finally a friend I bumped into said 'You need to try the dōTERRA oils - they're the best!' Being my friend I know and trust, and she is a bit of a healthy guru too, of course I trusted her and got myself started with some dōTERRA peppermint essential oil for my bliss balls!  Originally I thought the online purchase was a hassle, but I soon realized this was a massive bonus because I didn't have to travel anywhere, search stores only to find they don't have the quality and purity of oil I wanted in stock, and waste my time, petrol and energy!  So, I now save time and money when purchasing my essential oils!

doterra essential oil recipes


I love to use dōTERRA essential oils, using them in food and drinks is one of the most fun ways to enjoy them! It's so easy to wow people with the AMAZING flavours, even famous celebrity chef's use the dōTERRA oils in cooking! For example, Adriano Zumbo used the dōTERRA geranium oil in his 'Just Desert's challenge.' Pretty cool right?! 

So I'm sure you're all keen to get started with some dōTERRA gems to wow your guests so here are my top 10 quick and easy ways to wow your guests with dōTERRA essential oils/.

1. Serve up an appetizer of medjool dates with nuts (of choice) and doTERRA wild orange!
Put a dish on the table with the dates and a bottle of wild orange. Guests pop open their date, pop 1 drop of wild orange in the date, and then pop nut of choice (almonds, cashews or brazil nuts work well) inside the date, close and then eat - mouthgasm!!!

2. Add a few drops of doTERRA Lemon or doTERRA wild orange oil to double cream and serve with fresh fruit such as strawberries or sliced pears

3. Add a few drops of dōTERRA lime to sparkling, soda or still water

4. Use dōTERRA oils such as oregano, thyme and basil for a meat marinade - I personally love to use this for roast chicken! 

5. Add dōTERRA oils such as peppermint, wild orange, frankincense or chocolate to home made raw chocolate

5. Add peppermint or wild orange oil to melted chocolate and have a fondue! 

6. Slice open an avocado and add a drizzle of olive oil, pink himalayan rock salt and dōTERRA lime essential oil 

7. Add dōTERRA lemon oil to your tartare sauce to enjoy with your fish

8. Whip up some dōTERRA inspired cocktails! - Try some cranberry juice topped up with lemonade and soda water then add in some dōTERRA lemon and lime essential oils 

9. Serve a salad with a DIY salad dressing - make sure you add some dōTERRA lime oil to your dressing for some ZING

10. Create a magical desert with dōTERRA  essential oils. Try a wild orange cake with jaffa chocolate icing (add wild orange to a chocolate icing), or lemon cake with lemon and cream cheese frosting (add lemon oil to the cake and the icing) 

So the only question left to ask is which one of these are you going to try first? I've already had my dinner tonight so I'm off to make another wild orange infused nut date snack! 


* Please note - these tips are with reference to dōTERRA essential oils listed on the labels as safe to use as food flavouring in Australia. Please always do you own research and do what you feel personally comfortable with.