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Essential Oil Substitutes

Essential Oil Substitutes - Hidden Valley Co

Have you ever gone to find or use an oil only to find you've run out?

Perhaps you have a bad memory or association with Lavender or some other aroma and don't quite feel ready to welcome it back into your life (no matter how amazing the benefits - trust me, this might change!)

In the meantime check out these great alternatives! Many essential oils have similar properties so you have lots of options to choose a different oil for a similar benefit and result! They wont be exactly the same as of course no two essential oils are completely equal. BUT they can definitely offer you some alternative aromas!

Instead of Lavender, try Petitgrain!

When we think of being calm and relaed, lavender often comes to mind! But have you ever heard of Petitgrain?!  Nicknamed the “manly” Lavender, I find Petitgrain so unique it's difficult to even describe! On first inhalation I can honestly say I wasn't a fan, but after eventually purchasing it I often wonder how I could ever not have liked it. If you know how to describe it please comment below! Suffice to say it has a much less 'floral' aroma to it so a good option for men. It is actually derived from the bitter orange tree along with Neroli. 

Instead of Peppermint, try Spearmint!

We often associate peppermint with a fresh and uplifting vibe. However, the menthol in peppermint can make it a bit intense for some, and others may just not like the aroma. Why not try Spearmint?! I've made quite a few peppermint foot scrubs, but spearmint can be a safer option, especially if kids are going to be using it too! It has a milder aroma, is less sensitizing than Peppermint for delicate skin.

Instead of Lemon try any citrus!!

The great thing about citrus oils is that they are pretty interchangeable. They all do vary in some way with aroma being the main reason. Generally you will find citrus oils are fresh and uplifting and have a positive effect on the mind and spirit. Some options are Lime, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Wild Orange and Citrus Bliss are some great alternatives. 

Do you have any other great essential oil alternatives to add to this list? 

Which do you prefer? The original or the alternatives? As for me, I just love them all!!