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Essential Oil Safety

Essential Oil Safety Series - Part One - Hidden Valley Co

EO Safety Tips - SUPER - IMPORTANT 🌟

It's important to realize a lot of the pages you're following, blogs and also recipes on pinterest will be sharing differing opinions and ideas on essential oils and how to use them. Some are using doterra essential oils, some aren't, some are created by people with a professional background, and some aren't.

The only way to be sure of what you are doing and how you are using your oils is for you to make the final decision yourself for you and your family.

As a wellness advocate when I share on this website and social media, I am sharing snippets of how myself and my family use the oils. However, I do not know YOUR background YOUR medical history YOUR skin sensitivity, the ages of your children, what pets you have in your home etc.

These are all things that need to be taken into account when using essential oils and this is why you will never see me suggest, recommend or include dilutions in my recipes and posts unless I am saying what I personally do.

I will also never tell you what to do if you are using medical terminology, again, I'm very sorry you should not be getting this information from a Wellness Advocate like myself. You need to speak with a Doctor or healthcare professional, I am not a Doctor (and most wellness advocates aren't) so you should be very mindful about acting on information online in this regards. 
With this in mind in my goal to encourage safe use of essential oils, I've complied some top tips to be mindful of in regards to safety. This list is not full and comprehensive, but I hope it gives you a really good starting point. 

1. ALWAYS have carrier oil on hand, use to dilute for sensitivity and if you 'accidentally' get some peppermint oil (or other hot oil) on sensitive parts of your skin (if you're at a cafe milk will also do the trick). We recommend a bottle of fractionated coconut oil. Wash hands well after use, especially when using hot oils eg peppermint, cinnamon, oregano, doterra ice-blue blend or rub and so on. 

2. Always check your labels and product info - KNOW your hot oils! You can find the product information pages for doterra essential oils and products here. 

3. If on medication or under a Dr's care - please seek their expert advice/check with your Dr before use. Some essential oils can have contraindications with medication so this is very important. Anyone with pre-existing medical conditions should consult a dr or health care professional prior to use.   

4. Internal use of essential oils (as per label) is optional - no-one is forcing you to ingest oils/use for flavouring if you don't want to. Please do your own research and make your own informed decision if this is right for you. 

5. Pregnancy, children and babies. Note - children and babies are MUCH smaller than us. Please exercise EXTREME care and caution where children are involved, read all safety information provided, and only do what you feel 100% comfortable with. If you are considering using essential oils for pregnancy, children and babies, Stephanie Fritz - The Essential Midwife is an excellent source of information and she has a book and e-books you can purchase at affordable prices.

6. Treat your essential oils like you would your medicine cabinet. Always keep essential oils out of reach of children, locked if possible, and consider purchasing safety caps (available from doTERRA) if you need for added security. With this in mind also be mindful of diffuser location in the home and keep out of reach of children if any risk of consumption is present. Take time to educate your children in regards to the oils.

In the event of accidental consumption of essential oils contact poison information hotline immediately 11 11 26 Australia Wide. 

7. Before using essential oils on, near or around pets please do further research to ensure you are using them safely and how you are comfortable. There are lots of pages with information provided by vets you can research further. You will read information both for and against so you will need to read this information to decide what is suitable for your personal situation. Please exercise caution as animals bodies metabolize different to our own. 

I hope you find this information helpful. I love, use and am passionate about essential oils. However, selling essential oils is not about a quick sale for us. We are dedicated and committed to helping you and guiding you to use them safely.

If you have found this blog post helpful please consider sharing it with a friend so we can promote safe use of essential oils.