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doTERRA Essential Oil Hacks

doTERRA Oily Hacks - Save money and time with essential oils. - Hidden Valley Co

Did you know doTERRA essential oils can be used for all kinds of things around the home to save you time, money and your sanity!

Here are 10 of my favourite essential oil hacks.

  1. Use lemon essential oil to get those annoying sticky labels off things
  2. Use lemongrass essential oil as a non-toxic nail polish remover - AMAZING right?!
  3. Use OnGuard essential oil blend to clean your stove top - comes up sparkly clean! Just a few drops in water and spray it on, bye bye grease and grime!
  4. Peppermint essential oil is AWESOME as a non-toxic bug repellant, spiders, ants, mice and other vermin just HATE the smell, but for us, smells minty and fresh!
  5. Essential oils can be an awesome deodorizer. Use Purify essential oil in a spritzer bottle and spray on your kids shoe boxes/shoes.
  6. Pop a few drops of Cedarwood on cotton wool balls, put in organza bags and place in with your clothes or in your wardrobe to repell moths.
  7. Make a DIY deodorant rollerball portable and non-toxic.
  8. Use essential oils for low tox perfume! The oil that made me decide to 'take the plunge' and get my wholesale membership was dōTERRA's Whisper blend. This is such a feminine goddess scent, seriously, want to drive the men (or women) wild? This blend holds the secret!
  9. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to a piece of felt and peg it on with one of those cute wooden pegs to your car vent and enjoy the aroma in your car! I like to use dōTERRA's wild orange or Balance blend
  10. With the cooler weather on the way if you're a scarf wearer like me - turn your scarf into a personal diffuser by adding a few drops of essential oils.*

    * Note - be mindful essential oils can have an effect on fabrics, either patch test first or use at your own discretion.