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doTERRA Saved our Family

Posted on May 14 2018

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I have worked part-time jobs since I was 12 years old.

I was so determined to make my own money and be independent, and the need for my own money to live above the basic increased when my parents separated and then divorced when I was 14 years old.

I started where I could with babysitting for a family who owned the local fish and chips shop. Conditions weren’t great and I soon graduated to the local fast food outlet that would accept you from 13 and 9 months. I stayed there until I was 17 when I was offered a full time position in a travel agency. Although I had studied and gained entry to University I had my heart set on a career in tourism. My dreams were quickly dashed when I learnt just how much you earn in the Tourism industry! (Not much!!) In fact, I took a pay cut going from my part-time fast food outlet job to work in a ‘professional’ position. I saw out my three month probation, went back to TAFE college and completed my Certificate 3 in Travel and Tourism and then applied for University the following year where I studied a Bachelor of Arts specializing in languages with Japanese, French and Italian.

During this time I continued to work in a wide range of part-time jobs. Italian, Chinese, Japanese restaurants, cafes, nightclubs. I worked for employment agencies where I worked in a recycle factory (I only lasted one day due to the heat and the smell), a garlic bread factory on a production line, a plastic injection mould company working 11pm – 7am shifts, and many more. I’ve worked at concerts, for tour companies, repped for wine companies, the list goes on.

Does any of this sound familiar for anyone out there? I guess you could say I’m hard working, not afraid to get my hands dirty, and I understand the value of hard work and every single dollar I earn and spend. Eventually I went on to live and work in Japan for 3 and a half years where I continued to do part time jobs outside of my daytime jobs to earn more money to save to put away to ‘get ahead.’

When I returned to Australia I worked in the field of Education and Training where I found the work rewarding and the income decent for our families needs. We continued to work hard and create a life for ourselves and our dreams, eventually purchasing our dream property on 5 acres of land in Hidden Valley in the Perth hills. Everything was going well. My husband Dean and I purchased brand new cars both on loan and we were living the Australian dream – HUGE mortgage, lots of debt, but we felt like we could handle it. However everything changed when my husband had a severe accident and feel off a roof in his role as a Roof Carpenter.

Before I continue, I’ll just let you know, Dean has made a full recovery and is alive and perfectly healthy! Although no rollercoasters for him anymore!

Dean’s accident saw him fracture his C7 in his spine and he was placed in a halo brace for 3 months. In this time he was not able to work for his business which we owned and Dean was a core labourer for. Although we tried to keep it going productivity went down and anyone familiar with the building industry knows of the many challenges we faced, we decided to close the business after falling into a scary amount of debt. All this while I was caring for my husband, driving him to weekly hospital visits, doing of majority of work around our 5 acre property including dogs, ducks, chickens, fruit trees, and taking care of and driving our children to school/kindy etc. Just a bit of a challenge, I sure had my hands full, but wait, I needed to find a way to support my families living expenses too, and we had amassed a lot of expenses as well as business debt.

During this time I decided to commit to ‘doing doTERRA’ and selling the doTERRA products as a ‘full time’ dedicated business.

I did everything I could in the times I had to grow my business and saw myself increase sales and make company promotions, all the while doing this with love, joy and integrity because the doTERRA products and company are something I already had solid belief in as a customer myself first and foremost and my experiences with doTERRA corporate. It was during this time I ‘rank advanced’ as we call it to the leadership rank of Gold. This was transformational for my family because it meant I was now matching my part-time job in a professional field in terms of income. Doterra saved our family because this meant we would not have to sell our 5 acre dream home we had worked so hard to get, our kids didn’t have to change schools, and we didn’t have all the added pressures on our family that kind of up heavel would have brought.

Continuing to work hard I then went on to increase my client base and sales and along the way my husband Dean ended up joining me in business and Hidden Valley Wood was born!

Fast forward to today and our business together continues to thrive and grow, after all, everyone is interested in low tox living and natural solutions these days, and when you’re selling what I believe are the best essential oils in the world sourced with the highest of integrity with the purest of hearts behind the company, well, again, sometimes it’s hard to even call it ‘work.’

Thanks to doTERRA we can afford for our children to follow their dreams in sport, dance, theatre and more. Thanks to doTERRA I no longer cringe when another bill comes in the post or the kids need new uniforms for school. Thanks to doTERRA I didn’t even blink when I found out recently my daughter needed glasses. However I should add here it’s also thanks to the Barefoot Investor whose strategies we recently discovered and have implemented which has helped us get even more on track as a family financially.

So why am I telling you all this?

1. I love the idea that you get to know who we are as the family behind the business you are supporting. We are real people with real struggles with big hearts.

2. I want you to know what a strong work ethic we have so that when you purchase from us you KNOW we are going to work hard to look after you and give you a top level of customer support – this is not like any other shop!

3. We are who we are today because of our life’s experiences. Perhaps you have a similar story to us or me? Perhaps you are tired of the job you’re in and you’re looking to do work you’re passionate about and make a difference in the world? Perhaps you want to earn what you’re worth and see the vision of a job which offers residual income with no glass ceiling? (In doTERRA there is no limit as to what you can earn). Maybe your family is struggling financially and looking for something that could help pay for those kids school uniforms or extra-curricular activities, doTERRA can be that for you!

This is a real business with real opportunity with real products that are respected and loved by people all over the world as is the company. Doterra has been recognized as a leader in it’s industry globally, to find out more take a look at the following article

If you are a client of ours or team member I’d like to take this moment to say again ‘Thank-you’ we appreciate every single person who chooses to make a Hidden Valley Wood purchase or join our doTERRA team, this is a conscious choice and we are consciously grateful to you all!

If you have read this and are interested to partner with us to earn residual income and inspire others with the doTERRA products, please get in touch via our consult form and we can book in a time for a business consultation. We are always looking for passionate, hard-working and dedicated people to partner with to make a massive impact both on their own lives and those who they come into contact with.

If you have just read this story, thank-you for taking the time to learn a little bit more about us, our business, who we are, where we’ve come from and what our hopes and dreams are.

In love and gratitude,

Jen & Dean xox 


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