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doTERRA Christmas Catalogue

doTERRA Christmas Catalogue - Hidden Valley Co

2018 doTERRA Christmas Catalogue is Here!

Every year and on special occasions doTERRA released limited items. These are known as LTO - Limited Time Only items

As many people are getting together for Christmas gatherings from November onwards, doTERRA release their Christmas catalogue in October every year with the items in the catalogue available for purchase from November 1st so you're all ready for Christmas gifting.

The items in the Christmas catalogue are exclusively available for members, so if you don't have a doTERRA membership yet, it's a good idea to organize this beforehand. 


Top Tips for Ordering


  • Make a wish list - you want to be organized and know what you want
  • Get in early - don't delay as these items fly of the shelves once released
  • Consider doing your shopping for Christmas with doTERRA! Help friends and family find happy, calm, joy and peace with gifts of pure fumes, essential oil blends, diffusers and more! Not only will you be rewarded with points for your purchases (when ordering via our loyalty program) but you will also be supporting farmers and small business owners all over the world. 
  • If you are ordering via a LRP - Loyalty Reward Program order, you will need to have one normal or standard item in your cart. This is because our system can't create a loyalty template with just LTO items. A lip balm or an oil you use a lot such as Lavender or lemon could be a great option for a standard item. 


Our top picks from the doTERRA 2018 Christmas catalogue



  • Pana chocolate and 5ml Cardamom - this is the first time doTERRA have ever had chocolate available for purchase in Australia - that's something we want to be a part of taste testing!
  • Brevi diffuser and harvest spice blend - this sleek and stylish diffuser would be perfect for a bedroom, living area, study or as a gift. The Harvest Spice blend is a BRAND NEW blend available from doTERRA and as it is not a standard item this is your one chance to purchase! Perfect if you love creating a holiday aroma for you home, you could even use it to make pot pouri. 
  • Elephant diffuser - last year our new whale diffuser was a HUGE hit. These animal diffusers delight both young and old. With starlight and coloured light functions they are a ton of fun for the bedroom. No doubt they will sell out again fast.
  • Holiday Joy and Holiday Peace blends - We personally can't get enough of the holiday aromas here at Hidden Valley Wood. You can diffuse them, make pot pouri with them, create Christmas aroma sprays as gifts. If you prefer a warm wintery aroma then Holiday Joy could be perfect for you! If your preference is for more of a cool breezy pine tree aroma then Holiday Peace could be the best option. Great to help calm the crazies too!




doterra christmas catalog 2018




We hope our guide helps you understand a bit more about shopping with doTERRA for special occasions and in particular for our 2018 doTERRA Christmas catalogue. 


To purchase any items from the catalogue for 2018 please get in touch with us ASAP so we can help you organize the best prices for you!*


* Members get 25% off RRP 



Jen xx



  • Ashley Myers: February 07, 2019

    Hello, just wondering if you have any of those elephant diffusers still available

    Kind regards

  • Ashley Myers: February 07, 2019

    Hello, just wondering if you have any of those elephant diffusers still available

    Kind regards

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