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Where To Buy doTERRA In Perth?

Posted on July 06 2018

buy doterra oils perth

Hi!  Are you looking to buy doTERRA essential oils or products in Perth - you're in luck, I'm in Perth! 


A few years back Doterra started popping up in my world. However, I didn't know where or how to buy it. Back then I put the word out on facebook and a few people got in touch and I was able to place a retail order through someone's shop. However, it wasn't until I went to a workshop in my friend's house that I learn all the different ways you could use essential oils in the home for a holistic approach to health and wellness that I decided I needed to expand my collection and buy more doterra oils!  

Since then I've heard of quite a lot of people wanting to purchase Doterra essential oils and products in Perth or Australia but often like me, they didn't really know where or how to shop or how 'it all worked.'  Often they ended up having to purchase via the US.

In this blog post I thought I'd explain simply and easily how to purchase Doterra oils in Perth.


Option 1 -

You have the option to purchase Doterra oils at a retail price. You have probably seen them around shops now as they have become quite popular and for good reason, we also sell them at the retail price in our shop here.


Why purchase retail -

To be honest, not a lot of our clients are retail customers. This is because Doterra being the amazing company that they are, also offer a second awesome option. However, if like me you just want to dip your toes in, test the quality (trust me, you wont be disappointed) and see if they 'actually work' then retail could be the right choice for you.


Option 2 -

If you're like me you will be wanting to get the best value for money. If you a) Know you will be purchasing more then 2 oils per year or b) Just 'get' the quality and purity of Doterra and want them in your home ASAP, the best value and smartest way to do this is by getting a wholesale member account. 

doterra membership kits


Now, before I go any further, rest assured, a member account does not lock you in to ongoing purchases or mean that you have to 'sell' the oils. It is just the best value way to purchase Doterra oils in Perth. The reason is you will be getting 25% off RRP, access to member benefits, specials and promotions, as well as the support of the person who you 'sign up' with*.

In order to access the wholesale prices to purchase Doterra oils in Perth you can 

a) Set up a Wholesale Customer Account for $35 and pick and mix the oils you wish to order, then you will have access to all the member benefits for a year! After this you have the option to renew your member account.

b) Purchase one of our enrolment kits and get a FREE member account - personally we got started with the Home Essentials Kit + Fractionated Coconut Oil and we have never regretted it. 

* It's important to note when you do set up a member account this connects you to a team. If you purchase an enrolment kit through our shop this will place you in our team and it means it's our job to take care of you. We pride ourselves on our integrity here at Hidden Valley Wood so please read the important info next to the kits prior to purchase for further information about this or feel free to get in touch.

Whether you are interested to purchase Doterra oils in Perth or somewhere else around Australia or the world we can help! We travel regularly within Perth, Western Australia and all over Australia running workshops face to face - it's something we absolutely love to do. However, if we aren't in your home town never fear. We have email education series, member chat groups and also every new personal wholesale client will receive a VIP welcome pack from us with information about how to use your oils safely, effectively and in a wide range of ways from cooking to cleaning to DIY to first aid. There is also a few other surprises in there too!





So if you're looking to purchase Doterra in Perth look no further - we'd love to help! Find out more about us under the About us section of our page - but in short, we are Jen & Dean Donovan located in Hidden Valley in the Perth Hills - it's lovely to meet you!




  • Emma LIGHTLY: March 23, 2019

    Hi I’m interested in purchasing some oils however would like to host a party if that is still an option? Do you know anyone that you can put me in touch with to make that happen. Thank you

  • Jen Donovan: January 04, 2019

    Hi Alexandra, sorry I’m afraid we didn’t get notification of this comment before Christmas. We are able to organize you some oils. Our shipping is quite fast depending on where you are living so it will be with you in no time at all.

    To discuss further the best way to contact us is via the message us tab or email.

    For clear and easy breathing we love to use the doTERRA Easy Air Blend – many of our clients find this wonderfully supportive in a diffuser in the evenings. A great diffuser for a kids room is the doTERRA Petal Diffuser. Both available in our shop.

    Please let us know if we can help further,

    Kind Regards,


  • Alexandra Douglas: January 04, 2019

    Hi there,
    We’ve just recently moved to Australia,
    When I left NZ a friend gave me a bottle of Doterra to help with my anxiety and it’s been amazing! The last couple of nights my sons asthmas been a pain and I wondered if you could recommend something I could use in a humidifier and that I might be able to get before Christmas? I know it prob not likely but worth trying :)

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